new hand embellished prints

i have decided to release hand embellished prints for 12 of my favorite painting.  this is a limited edition of only 10-25 prints released for each painting.  a few are even available printed on birchwood!  click on the images below to view details.


in the mind of (wood print)


Zora the conquerer (wood print)


that fire connection (fine art print)


confidence (fine art print)

view more fine art prints from wadecreate.




brave William, full of grace

i wanted to create a boy version of my brave Lily painting, and so William was born.  i used the same reference photo and gave him more boyish features and a different color scheme.  also changed the one lily in her hair into a field of lilies for her brother.


brave William, full of grace
24×32″ oil on panel
available $1800