brave William, full of grace

i wanted to create a boy version of my brave Lily painting, and so William was born.  i used the same reference photo and gave him more boyish features and a different color scheme.  also changed the one lily in her hair into a field of lilies for her brother.


brave William, full of grace
24×32″ oil on panel
available $1800


working on my next solo show

i have been exploring art themes that center around the strength and innocence of children.  maybe because being an adult, with kids, and a job, and art career … is often overwhelming.  i remember what it was like to be a kids.  all the dreams i had, and still have.  many of those dreams have come through.  here are some of the first images from my latest series “childhood dreams and conquered fears.”

will be mainly working in oil on these, so they take longer to create and dry.  hoping to create 10 more paintings, and have my next solo show in August 2016. stay tuned!

made of startdust


made of stardust
24×36″ oil, acrylic, resin on panel (framed)

we are all connected, to each other and to the universe. if you look closely into our eyes, you can see the same cluster of stars and particles as seen deep in the universe. people are capable of great things, if they only realize we are made of the same matter as stars.

i hope that art lovers will connect with my work and feel inspired by the positive images of humanity. this is the signature piece in my new collection of work that is a view of the world at the highest potential.

the purpose of my artwork is to share love and light through creativity, as a way of genuinely engaging with the world as a real contributor.

framed view

dream big


dream big
36×36″ oil and acrylic on wood
available via etsy

this piece was inspired by Misty Copeland, the third ever black ballerina soloist (and first in two decades) to dance with the American Ballet Theater, where she has endured the cultural pressure associated with this role.  in this painting, she is riding gracefully, seemingly effortlessly on top an Orca whale.  these whales swim thousands of miles, and can live for up to a hundred years.

in the financial markets a “whale” client is a big get, a huge catch.  the painting was created to speak to everyone with a dream. when people tell you its impossible.  just keep going, and ride that killer whale all the way to the top of the stars!