let the movement flow through you

the sounds and rhythm flow through me
sending vibrant colors through my soul


let movement flow through you
30×30″ acrylic on canvas
by Martha A. Wade
available ::: $650


songbird rising

i was recently commissioned to create a painting for the beautiful singer Kenya MJ by her loving husband Carl.  he told me the story of his wife emerging back into her singing career after taking years off to raise a family.  we presented the gift at her 40th birthday party, and she loved it.

presenting Kenya with her new painting

this piece speaks to Kenya’s talent, and potential to soar high to gold or platinum through her music. i placed lyrics from her favorite song “starting over” into the gold ribbon in the painting, and the birds carry her high into the universe. listening to her album while i was painting helped me to convey the essence of this talented, sweet woman in the work.

detail of a bird

not a great photo, but here’s the full painting shot

songbird rising
24×30″ acrylic on canvas
private commission

contact me to commission a painting ::: wade.create@yahoo.com