interstellar alpha female


interstellar alpha female
36×48″ acrylic, canvas cutouts on canvas
by Martha A. Wade

on view through Feb 21 at:
Museum of Science and Industry
Black Creativity Juried Art Exhibition
5700 S. Lake Shore Drive Chicago, IL 60637
January 18, 2016 – February 21, 2016



made of startdust


made of stardust
24×36″ oil, acrylic, resin on panel (framed)

we are all connected, to each other and to the universe. if you look closely into our eyes, you can see the same cluster of stars and particles as seen deep in the universe. people are capable of great things, if they only realize we are made of the same matter as stars.

i hope that art lovers will connect with my work and feel inspired by the positive images of humanity. this is the signature piece in my new collection of work that is a view of the world at the highest potential.

the purpose of my artwork is to share love and light through creativity, as a way of genuinely engaging with the world as a real contributor.

framed view

leave your legacy

leave your legacy
18×18″ acrylic on canvas

i have listened to all his music, read books, and watched all of Tupac documentaries … and was always impressed with his vision for people in the world.

he talked about strengthening the black community, giving concerts in bad areas and making agreements w drug dealers to stop at night to allow the concerts or kids to be safe on the street.

Tupac’s lyrics about #thuglife were not meant to cause violence but to speak of a world where we have each others back.  thug life is when you have nothing, and succeed against all battles and achieve your aim. #legacy

universe to earth connection


universe to earth connection
24×12″ acrylic on wood

when you study astrology, or even visit the planetarium, you realize just how vast the universe is. its ever expanding. on one hand, it can make you feel like a grain of sand in a huge place. at the same time, it makes one realize how petty complaints may be and teach you to appreciate this life. maybe you even gain that remarkable sense of deeper understanding comes to us through our higher awareness that we are all connected, and made of stars.