my princess the future queen


my princess, the future queen
48×48″ acrylic on wood
commission (sold)


that true connection

love is the most powerful force in this world.
when we find a true connection with another person, it is special.
it causes us to become open, and able to express a true emotion.
love should be treated as a rare, and always enchanting gift.

that true connection
24×24″ acrylic on panel (framed)
available $750 via etsy

take a walk on the wild side

can’t be concerned with what others think
whatever your passion, poison, or body type
always stay true to who you are, walk on the wild side
get crazy, be loud, or take time to yourself, walk tall and proud
and stay strong my people


walk on the wild side
24×24″ acrylic on wood

view time lapse video of me creating this painting

unusually hard to hold onto


sometimes i struggle with the whole independent woman syndrome vs. the need to be vulnerable with someone.  it’s that inner struggle of self.  to want to be loved, but resisting the pull to give up freedom or self-expression for it.

i find myself becoming more comfortable in my own skin as i get older.  as a result, i don’t want to compromise or be ‘held down’ by anyone.  even if there is love.

perhaps some people are just not meant to be tamed.  they are destined to run free like a wild horse until finding someone just as strong and free to hold.

unusually hard to hold onto
24×36″ mixed media on wood
by Martha A. Wade

submerged and ready to spring


i started this piece over two years ago when i was in a somewhat stiffing relationship. feeling trapped underwater like being in a cramped fishbowl. the update for this year includes much more texture and detail to the piece, along with more to the title. i was submerged, but am ready to spring up and out and back to life!

submerged and ready to spring
30×40″ mixed media on canvas
acrylic, spray paint, glass beads, black rocks
available via etsy