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the artist at work, 2014

Martha A. Wade is a self-taught artist from Chicago currently painting and working from her gallery in the Oak Park Arts District.  As the daughter of an artist father, she has always carried a deep passion for art making.  Martha would watch her father paint from a young age, and longed for a canvas of her own.  She began to teach herself drawing by pausing cartoons on video and copying the image.  Today her paintings have a bold and vibrant style that explores mankind’s potential on earth and throughout the universe.

dream big -  36x36" acrylic on woodIn her new body of work, Wade creates a fantasy of humans made from stardust, who uplift our spirits by giving us a glimpse of what people can achieve at their highest potential.  Her tapestry of famous and everyday people suggest that common grounds exist, where everyone is empowered to fulfill their dreams.

Once fearful of the “starving artist” stereotype, Wade chose to attain her undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of Michigan rather than fine art in 2000. After years of working in the financial services industry, her creative spark could no longer be squelched.  Martha had no choice but to make a change and go back to school in the arts.  She received her Masters of Art Management from Columbia College Chicago in 2008, where she learned the graphic design, web production, and video skills needed to begin her artistic career on her own.

working on a commission piece

Martha then built her own website, and started posting images of her work.  The love Wade’s art received online through social media gave her the courage to show more work, and devote her life to painting nearly 5 years ago.  Martha Wade’s work can be found in private collections nationally in the United States as well as internationally in Scotland, Ireland, and Sweden.

“We are all connected, to each other and the universe.  If you look closely into our eyes, you can see the same cluster of stars and particles as seen deep in the universe.  People are capable of great things if they only realize we are made of the same matter as stars.  I hope that art lovers will connect with my work and feel inspired by the positive images of humanity.  This collection is a view of the world at the highest potential.  The purpose of my artwork is to share love and light through creativity, as a way of genuinely engaging with the world as a real contributor.”   — Martha A. Wade



11 thoughts on “about me

  1. Well.. sounds interesting as a future perspective (own art company and sell prints online) but I don’t think it’s that easy.. lol.

    But by being more up in society (good job and education) may give you higher leverage on “marketing” your art.

    I learned that being a good artist is not enough, in a consumerism society that has sketchy perspective on what is [good] art or not, the most important thing is marketing lol – as ridiculous as it sounds, but I think dramatical raucous is more umm… popular in America, just look around lol.

    Things sell if there is drama attached to it, otherwise very little interest.. sad but true.

    As an artist myself, I constantly think of ways to “market” or present myself to a society that doesn’t seem to be very interested in the subject.

    Well staying positive is the way and we’ll see how things work out (talk btw fellow artists lol).

    I think it was awesome when you got the 900 dollar offer for one of your paintings; although it is up to you if you wanna part with it or not, it is really a huge flattering compliment that you should appreciate.

    The only way I’d part with mines is that if they’d be protected better than I can in a Museum or something or private gallery, only because I’m the only one that knows (yet) how long n hard I thought and worked on my own piece lol – a kind of appreciation you don’t acquire unless you go through it yourself (as an artist that is).

    Well, I blabbed enuff but I had very similar thoughts like you a while back..lol.


    -Baba. :o)

    • hi baba, thanks for your comment. you are right that it has been hard to sell the canvas prints like i thought. they cost me money to create, but people want to only spend less than 100 for prints, or just have an original. its really really hard for me to let go of my originals! like you said ::: all the time and effort we put into these paintings really means something to us artists! i do feel blessed to have sold some pieces so far … will keep in mind what you said about marketing and creating dramatic art.

  2. No you misunderstood, I meant few people have art appreciation – most are just interested in media sensationalism – which is what subject matters are catered to them.

    But you do bring up an interesting point by accident – it really pays to do some research studies about what the mass public is interested in and do some art on those topics, maybe that can raise interest about your “other” art.

    This is something I am doing right now: making a piece of art on baseball lol – so you have to give yourself and meet the public half-way, but your art must relate to their interest in some ways to connect, like for ex. painting an ipod (very popular theme/ subject) vs. an old boot (nobody cares, or less people care about that lol).

    Just some things I observed.. lol.

    That’s great you found people to buy your art for that much lol – I’d certainly like to know them or where you found them lol

    Being social and knowing lots of people deff. pays off (something that I’m told but I don’t really pull off because I’m not quite the type lol).


  3. Yea when I meant things sell related to drama, I was not referring to art itself but rather objects, movies, songs (drama at the music awards about a certain artist – that sells lotsa copies of their latest CD, we know that already lol), things of that nature.. lol.

  4. Ahh.. well that can be argued is art too, I mean stuff that we do – art on paper and hang on walls n such, u know what I mean haha..

    Ok – I bugged you enough now, going to work a bit on my art.. cyas. :o)

  5. I tell you young lady if there was a way to HUG you online, I would–you are the nicest person for your
    panel plans–regards Larry G. FL

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