i ♥ art

art speaks to the soul of people

reaching into your heart

taking your breath away

a great painting can trigger vivid memories

spark new emotions that inspire us to action

color and expression within visual communication is everywhere

from the streets to the online environment

i love to create art that inspires

i seek to create paintings that visually communicate

i create vibrant paintings with round lines and many layers

my paintings are abstract with a touch of realism

photographs, emotions, media, color vary for each new piece

i seek out art everywhere as a creative entrepreneur

as an arts manager

looking to find new and innovate ways to bring art to people

in galleries, in their homes, and online

around the world and through the universe

most drawn to art that has a message

i don’t like to conform

have always despised liars

but love people

love finding the good in everyone

the artist in each and every one of you

art with small intricate details and abstract elements

my mission is to find and create that unique aesthetic.


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