alpha woman

The Alpha Female is the dominant female in a group. A hard worker who is often busy, with little time to devote to those who are not genuine. This woman is usually sarcastic because she’s powerful and playful. She dates as many men as she wants (or none at all) and is strong and confident. She is often the mother lion of her family, protecting her cubs and bringing home the kills.

An intelligent, intellectual problem solver, she understands that being an alpha female is more a state of mind than physicality. At the same time, she uses her feminine and physical charms to her advantage. Often feared or terribly misunderstood by others – she prefers passion to romance, and integrity over bullshit.

This collection of paintings represents an ongoing quest to understand alpha women, and also themselves. This visual representation is dedicated to the lifestyles and characteristics of those strong women. The work showcases how these powerful women envision the concepts of confidence, sarcasm, power, play, and intelligence.

Martha has an artistic intuition that lends to the qualities of an Alpha Female. As a woman who writes her own rules to life, she sometimes find herself misunderstood or underestimated. It is important that these artworks celebrate the possibility of passion with freedom, coupled with unfettered creativity and expression.