interstellar futurism

if i were to envision the ideal person …
he would be able to look beyond his own self, and into the world.  believe in the connection to others, and to the universe.  he would want to effect change in the world through his mind, and his hands.  he would be a work in progress, coming out from pencil into pen, and then darkening the strokes … until he is the person he always dreamed of becoming.

interstellar futurism
96×62″ acrylic on canvas
by Martha A. Wade

One thought on “interstellar futurism

  1. hmmm, kinda in a state of shock at the moment. that star wars shirt of yours last night was more then a proclamation of being a nerd, it was a bat signal, a universal pure tone calling out. Yeah the stars are there. Libras seek beauty and balance.

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