confidence (jupiter rising)

i always try to exude a strong emotion in my work.  this piece is based on a great shot of someone who i admire.  this photo always stuck with me how much confidence she has.  the secondary title “Jupiter Rising” is speaking about the connection we all have to the universe, as part of my latest series made of stardust.

in astrology, a person born under Jupiter Rising is often optimistic, generous, and enthusiastic in approach, and there is a powerful need to explore the world around them.  a Jupiter rising individual is born to develop new and greater potentials.  after having children, this woman is still beautiful, curvy and knows her worth.  it’s as if she is standing there saying “yes, i know i am awesome.”


(Jupiter rising)
36×48″ acrylic on canvas

on view through October 13, 2014
19 Harrison Street
Oak Park IL 60304

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