hope sun trees

what if trees were aliens, protecting us from harm with their shade, giving a gentle breeze on a warm summer day, and providing the very oxygen we breathe.

this series of 4 trees, one for each season “hope sun trees” pays homage to the power of nature and the sun.  i believe that there is hope in the rising of the sun, and when you wake up to a beautiful day with fresh trees and sunlight, you become renewed again each day.

winter, spring, summer, or fall. all you’ve got to do is call, and i’ll be there yes i will. you’ve got a friend.

winter wonderment ::: 24×48″ acrylic on birch

spring sun come ::: 24×48″ acrylic on birchwood

summer moonlight ::: 24×48″ acrylic on birchwood

fall morning light ::: 24×48″ acrylic on birchwood

three trees handing at Lacuna Artist Lofts

spring sun come, winter wonderment, and summer moonlight are still available.
email me at wade.create@yahoo.com to inquire.

3 thoughts on “hope sun trees

  1. I really like these. I have always been fond of triptychs, and though you may not have painted it thus, I find them beautifully complimentary and would display them together.

    Nice work. ~ Ayanna Nahmias

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