tasting you

this painting was inspired by a beautiful woman and the profound words of a poet, and it has just been sold! to commission a similar painting ::: contact wade.create@yahoo.com

tasting you
18×24″ mixed media on canvas, framed
acrylic, paper, and gel
sold to a wonderful art lover

detail ::: click image to enlarge

tasting you ::: 18x24in mixed media, acrylic on canvas, framed. SOLD


a very special thanks goes out to the lovely model @MzStarrBurst ::: and much love to @poetisk – the author of “tasting you

tasting you by magnus holmgren
the snow falls down,
each flake dancing closely with its neighbor,
creating a veil,
a curtain,
that my eyes can’t see through –
like the veil before your heart,
tightly covering it,
an iron curtain,
impossible to see through,
to get in.

i knock,
hug it,
kiss it,
but all i get,
is a metallic taste on my lips,
one i can’t shake,
one i don’t want to shake,
because –
at least it’s you,
i get to taste –

if only you could see,
my own veil drop,
so long ago –
that the doors to my heart,
have been open for so long,
they no longer exist –
it’s wide open.

in that big green field,
beneath that giant oak,
sits only you,
wearing that smile you wore when we first met.

that is what i see,
when my thoughts wander off,
to meet you.

now the snowflakes are dancing further apart,
the veil is lifting,
i can see clearer now,
beyond the horizon of my mind i see you –
drifting further away –
until you are gone.

confused my thoughts scream,
a deafening echo in my mind,
desperately i look into my heart,
the green field is gone –
it’s all black –
all that’s left of the oak –
is a pile of coal.

when my mind is once again silent,
i run my fingers through the coal,
slowly put them against my lips –
and i taste –

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