slavery and basketball

i recently volunteered to participate in an artup at columbia college chicago with local high school students interested in art, design, music, and theater. five students signed up to participate in my live painting portion of the artup event. we teamed up with the theater group on the theme ::: slavery and the draft: how are they connected?

the theater students acted out some scenes to portray the theme and wrote poetry that we affixed to our final painting. this was my very first live painting event, and also the first collaborate painting where i actually let others put their brushes to my canvas!

we wanted to convey a basketball as the sun, to symbolize the dreams of many young boys to become professional ball players. the red noose around the neck of the shadow images of slaves is to show how the nba draft is similar to the slave trade, when people were oiled up and put on display and made to work, dance, and today play ball.

the image above is our final result. it gets deep.

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