gone painting

martha wade has gone painting. i have decided to take a bit of an online hiatus. to spend less time on tweeting, face-booking and blogging and devote more time for myself and my artwork. time to get offline, get into the real world of creativity, painting, design, living and doing.

my next event will take place this upcoming saturday, april 23rd at the wong gallery :: 623 s. wabash from 11am-2pm. this is my first live painting demonstration. during the event sponsored by columbia college chicago i will demonstrate to several high school students my painting process.

currently i am working on two pieces for a chicago southside gallery on 2x4ft birchwood. also painting one large ashtray for a project sponsored by camel. soon, i will continue working on my next ‘music men‘ series of canvases.

i will be back when i have some new artwork to share. i will come back with more online antics, photos, and paintings to share soon. be blessed with love and light. ♥wadecreate

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