camel gives back to artists

camel cigarettes is giving back to eight chicago artists and i am one of them!

in an effort to give back to the art community, camel cigarettes is sponsoring an outdoor artist exhibition on large standing ashtray smoking cans.

this opportunity to paint the large standing ashtrays for the city will give us artists more exposure and allow camel to feel good about themselves, for a moment. (smile) the finished smoking cans will also be featured on the company’s website.

the painted ashtrays will appear in several high traffic areas in the city of chicago. the company has partnered with three peas art lounge and selected 8 artists to participate in this event.

the smoking can is very large and stands about 3.5ft tall and 2ft around at the base. its an interesting design to paint on something so unique. this will be a new learning experience for me. the ashtray will be placed outside on busy city streets of chicago and must be able to withstand the rain, snow, and wind.

i plan to use gel medium and gesso to prime the surface before painting with acrylic. i will also coat the entire smoking can with another coat of gel medium and gloss finish to seal.

the instructions from camel were to use our imagination but please no anti-smoking messages. (annoyed face) at that advice, my idea of doing some snarky painting about not smoking or telling people to put that ash out now was thwarted. therefore i have chosen a simpler subject of a person doing something while also smoking. (selling out begins here)

i was somewhat conflicted about taking on this project because i don’t really want to promote smoking, but can’t judge because i have smoked in my life. i look at this project as another client and a way to create on a new medium. i look on the bright side.

here are my initial sketches for the smoking can ashtray. for the final painting, i plan to use several colors and create a sense of smoke and movement.

option 1 ::: color drawing of piano smoker (click to enlarge)

option 2 ::: sketchbook drawing design for man city smoker

i will post my final painted smoking can next week as i try to decide which design to paint. if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave me a comment about which design you would want to see. thanks for looking as always.

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