love crazy

crazy in love with my man, we are connected as one soul. this watercolor and graphite painting is available ::: contact for details.

connected soul crazy love

9x12in watercolor and graphite on cold pressed paper
original painting available ::: $100

detail ::: click any image to enlarge

© 2010 wadecreate

the story ::: i was really feeling connected to the love of my life when i wrote a poem for him as the backdrop of this painting. it was approaching valentines day, and i wanted to show him how much he means to me without actually caring about another american hallmark holiday. the poem begins :: i love you in the morning, i love you at night. when my eyes are sleepy and when they shine bright. i love you ::: i love you ::: i love you ::: may sound obsessive or crazy but who cares and i know that you are mine. at the end of the poem is … screw valentines day ::: i fucking love you all the time.

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