fall morning light

in the fall the leaves and trees always rise. they look upon us with red open eyes. enjoy the adventures before you tonight, because in the new morning brings you fall morning light.

fall morning light
16×20″ acrylic on canvas
original painting ::: private collection

the story ::: this painting represents happiness and hope. the original acrylic painting was done on canvas when i graduated from college and was living in my father’s basement. a group of artists came to my place, set up our paints, and talked all night about the future. i remember feeling so good painting that picture ::: with its the vivid colors and peak of the sun behind the trees. it was the view outside my window and the promise of rising above the stress and worry of life. to someday make it out of the basement and live my dreams. =)

canvas detail ::: click images to enlarge

4 thoughts on “fall morning light

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  2. this is my favorite… i live on the river and the trees tower the houses… this is why it’s so hard for me to leave my city… the filtering of the light through the trees are beautiful & relaxing… THIS IS A BEEAUTIFUL PAINTING IN CAPTURING THE ESSANCE OF THE FALL SUNSET MAKING THE BRIGHT COLORED LEAVES GLOW…. i may just have to get this one from you…

    • hi dana! thanks so much for your comment and im glad you love the painting. i can create a canvas print for you in a small size or large depending how much you want to spend. let me know honey!

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