love and light

this uplifting painting has just been sold to my very own loving mother. smile. i will create a new series of ‘love and light’ and ‘love drops‘ paintings soon. contact to commission one in your favorite colors. ♥

love and light
8×10″ mixed media on 1.5″ gallery wrap canvas
acrylic, watercolor, and book papers on canvas ::: sold

the story ::: this is my very first mixed media painting ever! i took pages from the book: until today, daily devotions for spiritual growth and peace of mind by iyanla vanzant. i used the february “love” chapter and cut out hearts and circles to represent a written message for the painting. i was inspired by artist anna lee keefer and her wonderful blog of interesting art and mixed media. she takes paper or printed words and affixes them on the canvas, so i decided to try this and love the end results. others have expressed so much interest in this style of painting that i have decided to create a whole series of these in various colors.

detail ::: other views

©2010 wadecreate

5 thoughts on “love and light

    • hey girl, i still need to make some more, i made one more that i shipped to new york last week but want to do more love and light inspired with the words of positive affirmation. thanks for the reminder!

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