woman power

the power of a woman can be subtle over time. through her struggles, she finds heartache or hope, looking for peace in the mind. she is coming to a better place after once frozen in time. in her journey there is healing, to find wisdom and strength inside. she has power, peace, love, grace. woman power.

woman power
60×60″ acrylic on stretched canvas
original painting ::: private collection
© 2001 wadecreate

woman power is the largest to date and one of my favorite paintings that i have created. it has taken me a long time to put this one up because it is so personal and special to me. this is the painting that friends always want to buy but are refused. the year of this painting was a hard year for me. i was a recent college grad, and single mom with a newborn baby.

this painting represents the darkness that was trying to overtake my life as i worked over 60 hours per week  at the financial consulting job and tried to balance it all. wanting to paint myself as powerful and almost dark in a sea of water (am a pisces fish) – i use mostly blue because it is my absolute favorite color, adding the blossoming flower at the top as a symbol of hope for the future.

detail painting

© 2000 wadecreate

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