driving me crazy

Sometimes I drive myself crazy. I work too much, do too much, stare at computer too much, tweet too much, talk too much, bother my kids too much, eat too much… you get the point. Doing everything at one time is often my downfall, and the stress ensues.

Today is the day that my final project is due for graduate school. The problem: my printer hates me. Of course I waited until the LAST possible minute to buy toner, paper, and start printing. I need to get 142 pages printed so that my school can bind it into a book. Its a good cause, to be published and all that jazz.

However … 20 pages into it, and I want to scream, or cry, or run. I did scream. I actually thought I was saving money by purchasing the refill cartridges. But alas they did not work, and so here I go back to Walgreen where each new toner will cost me 30 bucks a pop. This is getting expensive.

100+ pages printed and I have to re print at least 10 because my free printer deal with computer is a piece of shit!Yes it has to be in color, and yes each page has to be right. So now its me vs. the printer. Stare down.

Oh crap, my toner just ran out on the last page.  #fml.

4 thoughts on “driving me crazy

  1. Thank you for the chuckle. Although not funny when you are ‘going through’, yet anybody who has done the college/grad school thing knows all to well what you were experiencing. Think Brother word processor circa 1995 final research paper for poli sci graduation requirement; I lost the entire thing at the witching hour! Congrats on your endeavor.

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