five hundred dollar holler

maybe you remember my volkswagen passat fiasco?

i tweeted and complained about it, ad nauseam. tried to contact the manufacturer for help in fixing the car, but no one cared. meanwhile i noticed that all my car troubles were not worth the $500 dollars per month note + insurance.

long story short ::: the repo man took my car. i let it go willingly, but cried like a little baby when i called volkswagen to say that i can’t afford the car and they will have to keep it. this was my first car ever, a lesson in not buying something above your means. $25K plus loan interest is not whats up!

spent several months riding my mountain bike at 3:30am  on the mean street of chicago. rode to the pink line train, then to the western ave. bus, so that i could run at warp speed to my morning tv news gig at wgn. the cta lesson i learned was that trains don’t like to start before 4am in my area and buses love to be early or late, daily. i didn’t mind the 1.5 hour long commute at 4am so much during the summer. was getting exercise and commuting amongst my peoples. after the initial period of a numb booty, i purchased a big butt seat and was ready to go.

fast forward several months. i remember my last day on the morning bike commute. there was something like a hurricane/ monsoon brewing, but i still had to get on that damn bike. on this last day of riding, my ass was looking great, but it was also freezing in the middle of october. as the rain poured against my face, i pedaled on and tried not to break down and yell fml.

which brings me to today. ‘the mr.’ found a posting on from a taxi company for a 1999 ford crown victoria police interceptor car, with many many miles. when we walked over the see the car i turned my nose up at it so hard you’d have thought it smelled funny. he said it was a good deal and that we should get it. i was appalled at the two toned seats, and some strange plastic crap covering the entire bottom of the car. not to mention it had 350,000 yes three hundred thousand miles on it!

the cost was almost too good to be true: $500 flat. it ran really great. they even had years worth of maintenance reports to go with the car. against my will, we drove off in this big ass boat, ex taxi, police interceptor, ain’t got no radio car! this photo is picture of someone’s crown vicky – ours looks a bit worse and has  a red taxi stripe. we enlisted the kids in taking off the decals and painting it white. they fell in love with the car immediately because it is so big. we even put superman decals on it in honor of the mr. i was embarrassed to ride it at first, but smack me silly its still running 5 months and 6,000 miles later!

its the 500 dollar holler and we love it. holler!

4 thoughts on “five hundred dollar holler

  1. on the floor rolling: cause my first car in high schoool was a gray crown vic. I was 95 pounds pushing the gray shark. I hit so many curbs and bushes it aint funny. but on the real it rode so darn smooth it was unreal. just remember it gets you from point A to point B.

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