alpha female


alpha female
60×96″ mixed media on canvas
by Martha A. Wade and Reisha

The Alpha Female is the dominant female in a group. A hard worker who is often busy, with little time to devote to those who are not genuine. This woman is usually sarcastic because she’s powerful and playful. She dates as many men as she wants or none at all, and is strong and confident. She is often the mother lion of her family, protecting her cubs and bringing home the kills. An intelligent, intellectual problem solver, she understands that being an alpha female is more a state of mind than physicality. At the same time, she uses her feminine and physical charms to her advantage. Often feared or terribly misunderstood by others – she prefers passion to romance, and integrity over bullshit.

This collection of paintings by Reisha and Martha A. Wade represents an ongoing quest to understand alpha women, and also themselves. This visual representation is dedicated to the lifestyles and characteristics of those strong women. The work showcases how these powerful women envision the concepts of confidence, sarcasm, power, play, and intelligence.

Both Reisha and Martha A. Wade have an artistic intuition that lends to the qualities of an Alpha Female. As women who write their own rules to life, they sometimes find themselves misunderstood or underestimated. It is important that their artwork celebrate the possibility of passion with freedom, coupled with unfettered creativity and expression.

Opening Reception
UFAT Gallery
1833 S. Halsted, Chicago IL 60608
Friday, July 10, 2015
6:00 – 10:00pm

On view through August 5, 2015

interstellar futurism

if i were to envision the ideal person …
he would be able to look beyond his own self, and into the world.  believe in the connection to others, and to the universe.  he would want to effect change in the world through his mind, and his hands.  he would be a work in progress, coming out from pencil into pen, and then darkening the strokes … until he is the person he always dreamed of becoming.

interstellar futurism
96×62″ acrylic on canvas
by Martha A. Wade

progress on interstellar futurism

i have been busy in the studio for the past few months, and haven’t posted in quite some time!  without giving too much away, here are some progress shots on my latest work “interstellar futurism” for my upcoming collaborative exhibit at Galleryna19.


incorporating elements of graphite, acrylic and paint market into this piece


a city emerges


occupational hazard, have now gone through several pencils.


that time that i created a universe.




the transition from pencil to paint marker to acrylic symbolizes a “work in progress” in life


cropped view of my ideal man – he might be into astrophysics.


and can affect change in the world around us.